Class Environmental Assessment (EA)

The Power South Nepean project is being planned in accordance with the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for Minor Transmission Facilities (November 16, 2016), approved under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act.

The Class EA process is a streamlined planning process for a defined class of projects that occur frequently, are small in scale, and have a predictable range of effects, which can be mitigated using proven measures. The Class EA process has proven to be an effective way of ensuring that the projects that fall within the defined class are planned and carried out in an efficient and environmentally-acceptable manner.

Consultation with  Indigenous communities, municipal officials and government agencies, elected representatives, affected landowners, community groups, and all interested parties is an integral part of the Class EA process and project planning. Multiple opportunities to provide input will be available during all stages of project planning. This will help to develop a project implementation plan that serves the needs of the broader community.

Once the environmental and technical studies for the project have been completed, a draft Environmental Study Report (ESR) will be made available for public review and comment, in accordance with the Class EA process. The draft ESR will also summarize the consultation process and the input received. For more information about Class Environmental Assessments, please refer to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s Code of Practice:  Preparing, Reviewing and Using Class Environmental Assessments in Ontario (January 2014).


Other Approvals

As the Power South Nepean project crosses federal lands within the Greenbelt, approvals will also be sought from federal agencies under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Documentation to fulfill the requirements of the federal approvals will also be made available for public review. It is expected that the timing for this process will run in parallel to the Class EA.

Upon completion of the Class EA process and other planning approvals, Hydro Ottawa and Hydro One will submit an application to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), seeking approval to construct the project in accordance with Section 92 of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998. The OEB will hold a public hearing and will determine whether the project represents the interests of consumers with respect to price and the adequacy, reliability and quality of electricity service.